My name is Feras Nasr, a Palestinian Canadian, currently living in Ramallah, Palestine.  My life has been filled with travel, being born in Kuwait, moved to the US when I was three years old.  Spent eight years between Detroit, MI and Columbus, OH before moving to Jordan, finishing high school and then moving to Palestine.  After finished my Bachelor in Engineering from Birzeit University, I completed my Master in Computer Engineering from Wayne State University.  I then moved back to Ramallah for a few years working in a number of IT managerial positions, before my wife and I decided to move to Canada.  In 2006, we packed our stuff and left for Toronto.  I found a decent job soon after I arrived in Canada and was promoted a few times during the time I spent in Canada.  I also completed my MBA in the management of technology and innovation from Ryerson University and completed a few professional certifications (ITIL, PMP, CISSP).

Now, I’m back in Ramallah, Palestine and I’m currently President of iConnect Tech, a software outsourcing company working with clients in North America and Europe.


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